Pampered Pooch Personality Quiz

21st Jul 2023

Pampered Pooch Personality Quiz

Find out what type of pampered pooch your furry friend is and get personalized recommendations for luxurious products!

Question 1: How does your pet react when they see new toys?

a) Jumps and gets super excited!

b) Sniffs them cautiously first.

c) Looks disinterested most of the time.

Question 2: How would you describe your pet's sleeping habits?

a) They sleep like royalty on a plush bed.

b) They sleep anywhere they find comfortable.

c) They have a favorite cozy spot they stick to.

Question 3: How often do you take your pet for outdoor adventures or playdates?

a) Multiple times a week - they love socializing with other pets!

b) Occasionally - they enjoy some outdoor time, but not too often.

c) Rarely - they prefer indoor activities and playtime.

Question 4: How does your pet react to grooming sessions?

a) They enjoy it and love being pampered.

b) They tolerate it but might get a bit fidgety.

c) They dislike it and prefer to keep things low-key.

Question 5: How would you describe your pet's reaction to trying new treats?

a) They gobble them up immediately - they are foodies!

b) They sniff them cautiously before trying.

c) They are not very interested in trying new treats.


  • Mostly A's: Your pet is a "Royal Highness." Spoil them with our coming soon exclusive luxury bed collection!
  • Mostly B's: Your pet is a "Free Spirit." Discover our range of versatile toys and stylish accessories for their adventurous lifestyle!
  • Mostly C's: Your pet is a "Classic Minimalist." Check out our collection of elegant and comfortable essentials for their chic, understated look!